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Diagnostics on the modern van or truck can vary from the very simple through to the extremely complicated.

An example of a simple problem may be the fact that a light does not work and the fault lies within the bulb or a fuse.

At the other end of the spectrum you could have an intermittent fault that only happens at a certain speed, in certain weather conditions, at certain times of the day and obviously anywhere in-between.


Whatever your vehicles fault or problem may be, it is imperative that it is investigated by a qualified experienced technicians, using the right equipment to pin point the fault in the shortest possible time, therefore saving you the inconvenience, incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary cost.


We have highly qualified Diagnostic Technicians who can deal with any of the following diagnostic issues:


Electrical Diagnosis, Vehicle Management Systems, Petrol & Diesel Engine Management Systems, ABS, SRS, Airbag, Body Control, Petrol Injector Analysis.

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