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Diagnostics on the modern car can vary from the very simple through to the extremely complicated.

An example of a simple problem may be the fact that a light does not work and the fault lies within the bulb or a fuse.

At the other end of the spectrum you could have an intermittent fault that only happens at a certain speed, in certain weather conditions, at certain times of the day and obviously anywhere in-between.


Whatever your vehicles fault or problem may be, it is imperative that it is investigated by a qualified experienced technicians, using the right equipment to pin point the fault in the shortest possible time, therefore saving you the inconvenience, incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary cost.


>Auto Electrical Testing, Fault Diagnosis & Repairs

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>Electrical Diagnosis

>Vehicle Management Systems

>Petrol & Diesel Engine Management Systems

>ABS, SRS, Airbag, Body Control, ETC…

>Petrol Injector Analysis, Service & Repair

>Oscilloscope Testing To Provide Visual Interpretation and Analysis


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